Installing and Uninstalling Slicr for Shopify

This tutorial will cover some essentials on how to install and uninstall Slicr Partnership Manager for Shopify.

1. How to install Slicr Partnership Manager Shopify Extension

Slicr provides a specific extension for Shopify that is required in order to make this application function. You can find the extension in the Shopify market place

  1. Click on "Install" in order to begin the installation process
  2. You will be redirected to Shopify Authorization Screen where you will be asked to give Slicr access to some required data
  3. Then you will be redirected to Slicr registration form
  4. Complete this form in order to create your account and click on "Submit"
  5. You will then receive an email in order to confirm your account and set your password
  6. Once you log in, you can start adding your partners and configure your deals from your account

2. How to uninstall Slicr Partnership Manager Shopify Extension

If you wish to uninstall Slicr from your Shopify store and erase all the data, you can follow these steps.

  1. Go to your shopify backend and click on "Apps" tab on the left panel
  2. Look for "Slicr Partnership Manager" and click on "Delete"
  3. A prompt will appear where you can give feedback on the reason why you are uninstalling Slicr and confirm
  4. Once you confirm this action, we will automatically delete all the data and information about you and your account
  5. If you wish to reinstall this application, you will have to repeat the install process above and configure your partners and deals